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Return each round and make picks.

Return after each round and make picks for the teams that are still in.

Come back after each round of the tournament and make picks for the teams that are still in.

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Welcome To The $1,000,000
March Fever 2016 Challenge

Just make your picks for each game of the tournament.

You can pick who you think is going to win each game of the tournament. So, instead of predicting the entire tournament before it happens you get to pick the winner of each game as it goes along.

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Play for your chance to win a $15 Wing Stop Gift Card each round.

Sponsored by: NuMale Medical Center of Albuquerque

Latest Talk

Thanks steve54, it was a great year! Wish you all the luck and look forward to doing this again.

Local Leaders
Name Location Score
john.smith NM 144
ngarcia6 NM 112
farmijoaac 88
Seahawk Du NM 64
cipriana NM 64
Local Prizes
One $15 Wing Stop Gift Card
Sponsored By:
NuMaleMedical Center of ALB
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